Maria Sylvester and Dr. Rayna Stoyanova with a Live Discussion on How to Lose Weight Healthy

The TV star Maria Sylvester and endocrinologist Dr. Rayna Stoyanova, part of the Regina Life Clinic team, got into an interesting discussion about healthy weight loss and keeping fit even during the holidays. During the live event, the ladies also discussed the essential importance of preventive check-ups, trends in medical services and how to take care of our health properly.

You can watch a recording of their conversation on the clinic’s Instagram account: @reginalifeclinic.

Maria Sylvester shared with the audience more about her first visit to the renowned metabolic clinic Regina Life Clinic and the excellent results she is currently enjoying after her treatment with Dr. Stoyanova. The discussion also touched on important medical issues for everyone’s overall health, with a focus on the types of preventive screenings that are key to preventing and controlling a number of health conditions. Dr. Stoyanova also presented her expert opinion on risk trends in medicine and innovative methods for staying healthy.

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