Taurine is a sulfur-containing amino acid that takes part in important processes in the human body, being found in larger quantities in the heart, brain, retina, muscles. It is a conditionally essential amino acid that does not participate in protein synthesis, but circulates freely in the bloodstream. It participates in maintaining the electrolyte balance in the body, has an antioxidant effect, improves the function of the heart muscle, as well as that of the skeletal muscles. According to studies, taurine activates certain receptors in the brain (GABA-receptors) and has a sedative effect.

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60 BGN

Here are some of the benefits of taurine administration in booster form or as part of an infusion drip :

  • Reduces muscle fatigue and increases energy levels
  • Improves endurance during exercise
  • As an antioxidant, it fights oxidative stress
  • Improves brain activity
  • It has a beneficial effect on cardiovascular health


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