Polygraphic recording of the dream

What is it?

Respiratory polygraphy is the home test for sleep apnea. It is applied when the patient has a high risk of sleep apnea and for some reason cannot conduct the study in laboratory conditions. The test tracks respiratory effort by placing a belt on the chest and one on the abdomen, respiratory flow by nasal cannula , blood oxygen and pulse rate by pulse oximetry .


Take a polygraph of the dream – BGN 120


Deals ends in:

120 BGN

How is the research going?

The attending physician and the patient agree on a day on which the examination will be conducted. The patient comes on the day and the doctor explains how to insert the device. The explanations are accompanied by a demonstration and visual placement of the device. If the patient has a mobile phone with a camera, a photo can be taken of the attached device so that he can recall the placement of the sensors if needed. The patient goes home. In the evening before going to bed, I put the device on. If the patient wakes up during the night to go to the toilet or for any other reason, he should not stop the device. The investigation continues until the morning. When the patient finally wakes up and decides that he will not sleep anymore, he takes off the device and returns it to the attending physician, who, after reading the data from the device, determines whether the patient has sleep apnea. See more about sleep apnea and its treatment in the video with Dr. Shopov – specialist cardiologist at Regina Life Clinic HERE.


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