Ozone Therapy

Strengthens the immune system, destroys bacteria and viruses, reduces inflammation, regulates metabolism, increases energy, detoxifies the body.

Подготвя тялото преди/след операция и пълна анестезия

Има обезболяващ и успокояващ ефект

Ozone therapy is a highly effective, modern technology in which the patient is treated with highly active medical ozone. The gas is produced under the influence of high electrical energy, which changes the number of oxygen atoms and thus transforms oxygen into ozone.

What is ozone?

Ozone contains 3 oxygen atoms bonded in 1 molecule. In medicine, it has been proven to be extremely beneficial to the human body. Its benefits are numerous:

 Has an exceptionally good effect on preventing the formation of atherosclerotic plaques and helps break down already formed ones, thereby reducing the risk of vascular incidents including stroke and heart attack.

 Reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood.

 Improves cellular respiration and enhances the elimination of toxins formed within them.

 Destroys free radicals formed in the body, thus having a strong antioxidant effect.

 Reduces pain in various parts of the body such as in disc herniation, headaches, chest tightness, etc.

 Improves symptoms in irritable bowel syndrome such as ulcerative colitis and helps manage the acute phase of the condition.

 Has numerous studies on its positive effect in oncological diseases.

What is ozone therapy?

There are several types of ozone therapy, and at Regina Life Clinic, we practice autohemotherapy and ozone therapy with a saline solution and its infusion.

Autohemotherapy is considered the most effective method. In this procedure, a portion of the blood is drawn through a peripheral venous catheter into a closed system, where it is in close contact with ozone, and then transfused back into the body through the same catheter.

At Regina Life Clinic, we work with state-of-the-art equipment that uses a completely closed system, without contact with the external environment, eliminating the risk of contamination. Each therapy is performed to the highest safety standards with a single-use transfusion kit, gas filters, and anticoagulants.

Autohemotherapy is recommended for the following conditions:


Ozone therapy is not performed in people suffering from:

■ Thyrotoxicosis (hyperfunction of the thyroid gland).
■ Hemophilia.
■ Hypoglycemia (only for autohemotherapy).
■ Тромбоцитопения;
■ Thrombocytopenia.
■ Acute alcohol intoxication.
■ Hemorrhages.
■ Pregnancy and lactation.
■ In patients in acute stages of heart attack, stroke, renal crisis, hypoglycemic or diabetic coma, ozone therapy is not performed until stabilization of the condition.

Before ozone therapy, basic blood parameters are mandatory. The type of ozone therapy, the exact dose of the mixture, and the number of procedures are determined by the treating physician and are strictly individual.
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