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What is an intravenous infusion?

Infusion immunostimulators, amino acids, etc. are introduced into the body via a venous route . valuable substances for the body. Their intravenous administration is the fastest and most effective way for these substances to reach the cells directly, which guarantees their complete absorption. Oral intake of fluids and vitamins is absorbed between 50-60% and requires a long and continuous intake, while the intravenous procedure guarantees 100% absorption within 1 hour.
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Individual approach

At Regina Life Clinic, we prepare personally formulated intravenous therapies tailored to your individual needs for vitamins, minerals, amino acids, immunostimulators or specific medicinal products. Intravenous infusions are the fastest and most effective way to supply your body with the necessary substances to boost metabolism, improve the condition of your skin, help you deal with extra pounds or give you energy and boost your brain activity before important meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Intravenous therapies, also known as infusions or drips, represent a “cocktail” of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, antioxidants and other beneficial substances for intravenous administration. Depending on the patient’s needs, medications with anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, metabolic or other therapeutic effects can be added to them. Through their intravenous administration, the useful molecules are transported directly into the bloodstream and guarantee 100% absorption and rapid saturation of the body.

During the intravenous therapy, a fine abocate is placed , through which the banks with a previously prepared combination of substances flow. In this way, the body effectively receives large amounts of essential macro- and micronutrients and cellular metabolism is strengthened.

Boosters are single substances for injection. They are a supplement to an individual or already ready-made formula and are applied to compensate for certain insufficiency or deficiencies or when it is necessary to introduce pharmacotherapy (medicines for the treatment or prevention of certain conditions).

The composition of the infusions is based mostly on the individual needs of each patient. A consultation is done in advance and tests are appointed, based on which the combinations of solutions we use are determined. An important part is the information from the examination – the patient’s goals, allergies, etc.

The frequency of the therapies depends mostly on the initial results, as well as on the wishes and goals of the patients. A package of procedures is usually recommended in order to achieve a long-lasting effect.

Chronic diseases require constant care from the patient. It is for this reason that intravenous therapies are recommended regularly as courses at certain time intervals.

Yes. In order to undertake such treatment, it is appropriate to be advised by a doctor, to be precisely examined and to be conducted by an anesthesiologist-resuscitator.

Infusion treatment is not aimed solely at filling proven deficiencies. Venous therapy is carried out in order to prevent the complications of some chronic diseases, such as diabetes mellitus for example. Through the intravenous introduction of various molecules, detoxification of the liver, easier and faster recovery from various infectious diseases, energy charging and others can be achieved .

Usually, the patient directs himself to a certain type of therapy, and the doctor modifies it in terms of content, according to the results of laboratory tests and physical examination.

Intravenous therapy lasts up to 2 hours, depending on its type. The Clinic also offers booster doses of vitamins and other healing substances, which are administered intramuscularly and take almost no time.

The side effects of this type of therapy depend on the individual reactivity of the patient. Usually the side effects are only positive, but some patients experience short-term nausea, dizziness. Diuresis is activated , which is usually a desired effect.

Doppler ultrasound examination, the direction of the blood flow in the vessels can be established and, through special formulas, the corresponding calculations can be made and the absence or presence of plaques in the vascular system can be assessed. Vascular risk is assessed more objectively and appropriate therapeutic decisions are made.

Arterial hypertension is a socially significant disease. Almost everyone who is overweight has high blood pressure. In order to determine how to administer an infusion to a person with hypertension, the cardiologist’s evaluation and laboratory tests are important in the first place.

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